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God's Amazing Grace!

Grace Tee Hui En
(May 1995)

I am Joo Tatt from Singapore and I just felt that I should share this testimony with you. In August 1994, when my wife was about three and a half months pregnant, I was awoken at about 3 a.m. by some mosquito bites. I took a mosquito netting to try to cover the cot of our baby Debra. In the process, I woke my wife (Joo Ee) up and she discovered that the bed was wet. When I turned on the lights, we discovered that the bed was drenched in blood at the spot where my wife was sleeping. My wife felt so wet that she decided to go to the toilet to check out. When she got up from the toilet seat, I was horrified to see that the toilet bowl was just a mess of fresh red blood! Joo Ee felt that she was menstruating. I told her to be calm and we prayed for the foetus. A month before the incident, she was in U.S. for work and had some spotting (some spots of blood) but she was reassured by God. The Quiet Time for that day had the verse 2 Tim 1:12 - "I know whom I have believed and am convinced that HE IS ABLE to KEEP that which I have committed to HIM for that day"

I got into a taxi to send her to hospital. In the taxi, I just kept claiming the verse because we've committed and dedicated the foetus to the Lord. We know that HE IS ABLE to keep that which we've committed to Him for that day. I prayed aloud in English and tongues and rebuked the evil one's work. We had a special calm around us and I felt the Holy Spirit covering the foetus with His arms. When the doctor at the Accidents and Emergency checked my wife, her cervix was completely closed (i.e. she had no miscarriage) and there was no sign of bleeding. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! The Lord Almighty is Jehovah Ropha - our Healer! My wife remained in hospital a few days then was on medical leave for about a month. She had a bit of bleeding on and off but we knew that the LORD was in control of the situation.

When my wife was about due, the Lord woke her up to remind her of His grace to us. We intended to name the child Rachel but the Lord prompted us to call her Grace. I am proud to announce to you the birth of Grace Tee Hui En on the 23/11/94 our third wedding anniversary. Glory to God! Hallelujah! We prayed that the delivery would be smooth and painless. My wife had only about 1 hour of painless labour - she nearly slept in between contractions. Only the last 5 minutes did she feel a bit of pain - the baby was born after only 2 pushes. Praise the Lord!

P.S. The name En (Chinese character ) means grace. God's AMAZING GRACE!!! Thank God!!!

Tee Joo Tatt

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   T     E        E           To God be the glory!!!
   T     EEEEEEE  EEEEEEE     Praise HIS Name!!!

Recent Testimony
23rd December 1995

That morning, Grace was playing with our bookshelf which has sliding glass doors. Due to poor design of the cupboard,the glass doors could be detached from the cupboard with relative ease. Each glass panel weighs about 1 kg and was about 0.5 cm thick.

Well, one of this panel fell from a height of about 50 cm near her foot and shattered into several small fragments. These fragments even flung to the far side of the room. Miraculously, Grace received no cuts at all and did not even appear fazed by the incident. It was the adults who were shocked when it happened.

Praise the Lord for his continous protection!

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