Our Kinda Life : Living Life To Its Fullest

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Lloyd Willis

Lloyd is at the “no-bullshit” end of the sustainability spectrum. Eternally in the public service having been a policeman, army reservist and most recently registered nurse, Lloyd brings his evangelical passion to sustainability and fighting for the common good of the planet, good people and native animals. Lloyd’s blogs on how everyone can live a more sustainable life offer an alternative and refreshingly blunt approach to questions about how we can all help to do our bit to turn around our planet ark. Lloyd is also a keen guitarist. Oh and I should mention husband to Amanda and devoted father to Arjuna.

Amanda Choy

Amanda is a seasoned professional who recently when presented with a fork in the road of her career, chose to depart from the security of the large corporate world that she had called home for more than 15 years, intent on making a positive difference in the world. She has chosen to do this by building upon her vast experience in business transformation, customer experience, organisational development, leadership and commercial management with her life long passion for sustainability through helping small and medium businesses to tap into the economic, social and environmental benefits that maximising their sustainability factor will deliver.