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ING Direct is committed to making our non-secure website information accessible to all visitors. We have made various improvements to core sections of our website* to make it easier for people with disabilities to access.

Accessibility features

The updates have been made in accordance with the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) guidelines include:

Content and presentation

Web pages are defined using valid, descriptive XHTML and HTML5 elements that allow document structure to be conveyed. Visual appearance is achieved using web technologies (e.g. Cascading Style Sheets) that conform to the W3C specifications. This ensures that web page content is available to a wide selection of devices.


Alternative text has been defined for all images that are considered page content. This allows visitors using text-only clients (e.g. Links browser) to gain access to all relevant information.


Where the need arises to display a table containing data, the table structure is described by using the appropriate HTML elements and attributes. This allows assistive technologies (e.g. screen readers) to present visitors with a more appropriate alternative.


Client scripts are implemented as little as possible and visitors' access to information is not restricted when scripting capability is unavailable.

For more information on accessibility and the Internet, please visit the following websites:

Optimise your browser

You can change settings on your browser

  • Font and color size
  • Disable graphics

Browser compatibility

*Web pages containing critical information have been identified and these pages are now more easily accessible:

ING Direct has made these improvements to the pages listed above on our main website.
ING Direct also has an accessible login page available for customers who use screen reader software. To access this login please first register by calling ING Direct on 0800 376 8877

Text Relay

ING Direct customers with hearing disabilities may be able to use our telephone banking service by using the Text Relay service. If you have a textphone (minicom) dial 18001 followed by the full ING Direct Customer Service number. By using Text Relay you are disclosing your personal banking details to a third party. This is covered by your agreement with Text Relay and is at your own risk. For more information please visit or call 18001 0800 7311888 (text)