As you grow along, share your experiences in the industry, the challenges you faced etc. and provide valuable tips to your cousins, thereby helping them during various phases of their lives. Mentorship will also include helping the current students of the institute in coping with the life at AICAR and coming out with flying colors.

To be a mentor, Please mail at Email 

If you are interested in helping the present batch of students in providing placement support like building their practical concepts, helping them in mock interviews, resume making and other similar activities or help fix an appointment with your organization for Campus Recruitment,

To give your support for Placements Please mail at Email 

Be a part of the ongoing Management Development Programs and learn the latest in the academic world from the best of the faculty across the globe.

You can also request an MDP for a set of people from your organization if there is a need for training or skill building or concept building sessions.

For putting in requests for MDPs please mail at Email



AICAR through their enviable set of faculty and support of students would like to be associated with the industries across verticals and provide top quality solutions. These could be advisory in nature or could be hands on delivery participation till the results are achieved. These projects can be on tenure basis or assignment basis, as per the wish of the client.

Choose to help AICAR in gaining industry wide recognition by bringing in consulting projects.

For any such assistance please mail at Email


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