September 7, 2008

   We always remember the greenery, the laziness the scenic beauty at campus. Life was so simple and yet so amusing. We remember those late night projects, organising events, celebrating festivals at campus. "Those the best days of my life!" we exclaim. This year the students of the two current batches got together and celebrated the wonderful festival of Ganesh Chaturithi. A lot of hard work went into designing the whole pandal, rangoli and decorating the entire campus. The 5 day event brought extra vigour and excitement into the campus. It not only got the two batches together but also sowed seeds of a long lasting cooperation and teamwork. During the time of Ganesh VIsarjan the whole environment became extra vibrant and lively, we were joined by some of our alumni members who were extra pleased to come back to campus.

Sharing his views on the event, Akshat Trivedi (Batch 2005-2007, Ogilvy & Mather, Creative Proff) said, "It is really nice to be on campus once again. This kind of a celebration reflects the energy and enthusiasm amongst the students." All the alumni members who attended the Visarjan were quiet happy to see the liveliness of the campus and urged that such kind of events should be held on regular basis.

The appreciation has increased the intensity amongst the students and they are looking forward to organizing more events like these. The preparations for the Navratri event � "Ramjhat" have already begun. We are looking forward to the presence and the support from more alumni members in the future.

All alumni students are invited for the RAMJHAT O8' on October 4, 2008


-Sunil Jhurani

AICAR Business School

Batch 2007-2009


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