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Reconfigurable Cockpit

By utilizing the Compro Simulation Toolkit (CST), we provide a display library from which you can configure practically any known aircraft cockpit layout. The display library contains the most common conventional avionic and navigation instruments, unclassified versions of military tactical and weapon systems, and several synthetic imaging systems such as radar and FLIR. The CST display library contains aircraft-specific displays (e.g., F-16, F/A-18, MiG, AMX) for many of the instruments from within the generic classes mentioned above. These aircraft-specific displays are intended to be as similar to the actual operational aircraft as possible.

The visual scene is also a CST display type. It typically includes the HUD display and an OTW visual scene. DMA DTED is the source for the OTW visual scene. The visual scene is also overlaid with cultural features and player objects. Cultural features include trees, roads, buildings, towers, lakes, and airfields.

The standard player objects include:

CST updates the visual scene in real-time to provide a smooth visual presentation of motion to you, the pilot. The visual scene incorporates a realistic airfield environment that provides positive instrument/ILS training. The user can vary the ceiling and visibility around the airfield from clear to zero.


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