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Compro has a long tradition of supporting your training needs with a comprehensive suite of training products and options. We understand that real-world training is a cost-effective solution to operating the actual equipment and is important to keeping your personnel on the cutting edge of technology.

These products, designed to lead you through of needs of today through the needs of tomorrow, consist of the following:

Aural Cueing System (ACS) is a low cost hardware and software system to control and mix voice and digitally stored sounds. It includes Compro real-time software and off-the-shelf computer and audio components. Compro uses the ACS in its flight training devices; it is also applicable to a wide variety of applications in the simulation, training, research, and entertainment industries.

Database Generation (TDb) uses elevation, cultural, and imagery data in printed and machine readable formats. While this description focuses on visual databases, radar and electro-optic databases can be created by optionally encoding material property data in the the TDb at the time it is built.

Debriefing Station is the current version of the CST Remote Debriefing Station (RDS), v1.0, and it is being used on the Brazilian Air Force's A1 TPTs.

Instructor/Operator Station (IOS) provides a powerful, user-friendly, interface through which training scenarios can be easily monitored, controlled, and changed. Our IOS is a flexible and versatile solution for military and commercial applications that is based on Commercial-Off- The-Shelf (COTS) systems and Graphical User Interface (GUI) standards.

Reconfigurable Cockpit is a display library from which you can configure practically any known aircraft cockpit layout. The display library contains the most common conventional avionic and navigation instruments, unclassified versions of military tactical and weapon systems, and several synthetic imaging systems such as radar and FLIR.

Simulator Upgrades provide lifecycle upgrades and modifications to both military and commercial legacy training systems. Compro originally entered the training systems market by developing a unique specialty in modifying previously built simulators. We have now expanded that capability to cover the full range of modifications from the incorporation of isolated aircraft systems and instruments to the cockpit overhaul, refurbishment, or upgrades to PTT flight simulators.

These products have been provided to Governments and commercial customers around the world.


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