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F-16 PTT

Compro's F-16 TPTs
-- have been developed for Block 15, 25, 30, 40/42, 50/52 configurations. Our TPT support training in emergency procedures, instrument flight and air-to-air and air-to-ground combat training within a dense threat environment. In addition, pilots are able to practice acquiring and identifying targets and accurately delivering weapons under a full range of weather conditions at any time of day.

The F16 PTT (Part Task Trainer) is a introduction / refresher training device for selected aircraft and tactical tasks. The PTT simulates real time flight performance, switchology, modes of operation, and display systems. The trainer consists of a Pilot Station, an Instructor Operator Station (IOS), and computers. It provides refresher training for the following:

F-16 Pilot Station

The Pilot Station consists of a cockpit and an OTW (out the window) visual scene displayed on a color monitor. The initial cockpit configuration is the F16A Block 15 Operational Capabilities Upgrade(OCU) with PW 220E engine, Z1B fire control computer Operational Flight Program(OFP), Z2B APG-66 fire controls radar OFP, and Block 15 instrument panel. Hands-on throttle and stick controls are available for radar operations, weapons selection, and firing.

The F-16 PTT provides a generic Radar Warning Receiver display supported through and unclassified data base. Threat warnings relating to airborne and ground threats allow the pilot to dispense chaff and flares to counter incoming missiles. The OTW view includes geographical features, cultural features, missile flyouts, gun tracers, weapons detonations upon impact, and various weapons and aircraft.

The PTT supports the employment of air-to-air weapons including:

Optionally this training device can be configured for more advanced models to include the replication of the F-16C block 30, and the pricing for these options is quoted separately.


The F-16 IOS consists of a touch screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, and full audio communications system. The IOS capabilities include system startup and shutdown, running of training missions, post-flight debriefing, creating and modification of training scenarios, system administration functions, and the deletion of saved missions.

Host Systems

The base computer systems package includes Pentium class Commercial-Off-The-Shelf systems and servers for the REO, HD, IOS displays, and the audio system.


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