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imageAMX TPT Model 2


The initial A-1 TPT was updated to the batch 2 series to meet specified aircraft modernization and technologies enhancements in order to comply with the latest aircraft’s operational missions:

Primary Missions: Weapons System Utilization in Day and Night Flight Training Day and Night Emergency and Abnormal Procedures Training, FLIR and Infrared targets.

Secondary Missions: Day and Night Normal Procedures Training Basic and Advanced IFR Training.

Computer Modernization: Modified to use PCs as image generators to provide the trainee with a high-resolution, fully-textured outside world visual presentation, can be based on satellite imagery and 3D targets and shapes.

Software Enhancements:

Cockpit Modifications: incorporate new weapons and instrument panel changes based on the aircraft updates.

AMX Cockpit

The cockpit is a faithful replica of the third batch, single place aircraft cockpit, from the lateral panels to the pedals. This includes a replica head-up display, instrument panel, and seat. All functional controls, instrument panels, and cockpit hardware used are representative of the actual aircraft parts and reflect the same mechanical characteristics, i.e., look, feel, and operate like the actual component. Non functional components include silk-screened panels and components that are not connected to the I/O system.

The cockpit seat is a mock-up of the actual aircraft seat and is equipped with simulated harness and non-functional oxygen regulator controls. The ejection handles are linked to software and the seat is electrically adjustable in height.

Controls are representative of the actual aircraft. Primary flight controls through an electric control loading system and secondary flight controls using replicated components. The rudder pedals have the aircraft’s position and adjustment capabilities.

Cockpit lighting (interior, light plates, and placards) closely resembles the actual aircraft lighting system including where feasible, the color of the light plates. All placards are painted authentically.

Aural Cueing

The TPT sound system consists of both analog and digital technologies. Analog circuits provide voice intercommunication between the Pilot and the IOS operator. The digital aural cue portion of the system generates realistic flight related engine, weapon, and environmental sounds as well as navigation, weapon, and sensor tones. The flight sounds are sent to a sound transducer in the cockpit to provide the added realism of vibrations. The tones are mixed with the analog voice communications and presented in the Pilot’s headsets. Sidetone is provided for both headsets.


The host computer generates the Out-the-window (OTW) imagery and displays it on a three-channel high-resolution rear-screen graphics projector system. The scenes are based on the ownship’s point-of-view, giving the Pilot greater than 170° Field of View (FOV). The TPT includes two 300 nm x 300 nm visual databases, with each database consisting of approximately 90% land and 10% seashore. Features include 3-D textured terrain and point models, 2-D culture, mobile targets, environmental conditions, meteorological conditions, and weapon special effects. The IOS can control the visual database lighting, visibility, and environment effects—some in real-time and some during the creation of a mission.

TPT software models the AMX ownship, as well as computer generated land, air, and sea allies and adversaries. Certain computer players (friend and foe) have simulated sensor and weapon capabilities.

The Computer Suite

The computer suite for each TPT includes Pentium class Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems and servers for each major component and the control loader and I/O systems. The visual system is a 3 channel Marquee 8500 Ultra Retro projectors in a custom rear screen projection cabinet. There is a two channel electromechanical control loading system. The SDF and VDF are Pentium class COTS workstations with assorted peripherals and software.



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