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Legacy Media Retrieval Service (LMRS)

LMRS offers a convenient, professional fixed-price service that moves data from old, obsolete media to modern formats.


Fragile, bulky, aging media archives pose potential data-loss and waste valuable facility assets. Compro's LMRS addresses this liability by offering a convenient, fixed-price service, transferring data from legacy to modern media. We will retrieve your old SEL, Gould or Encore data, and re-write it using modern, reliable media products. If desired, we will perform 9-track to 9-track transfers using new, fresh tapes.

Compro will accept any one of the following:

Service Includes:

Model Number:

where x=output format
Price: $2,000

Note: Customer will be required to complete a release document certifying legal ownership of submitted material and data/information contained therein. If after initial inspection and equipment setup media is unreadable, it will be returned to the customer and a flat $750 inspection/setup/processing fee will be charged.



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