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Frequently Asked Questions

If I need service on a product, what number do I a call?

I need a board repaired, who do I call?

Does Compro carry remanufactured boards?

Do you offer any training programs?

I don't have a service contract but I need assistance. Can someone help me?

Don't see the answer to your question here?

Call us at 1-800-936-2673.

If I need service on a product, what number do I a call?

If a Customer needs assistance with their products, whether it's a question or problem, call the Compro Customer Assistance Center at: 1-800-936-2673. The following information will be required:

Compro System ID number. Customer contact name, address, and phone number for the site. Provide a description of your problem or question.

Determine the call severity by using these guidelines:

Priority 1 = System Down: The system is down and immediate service is required.

Priority 2 = System Degraded: The system has significantly reduced capabilities.

Priority 3 = Problem: A product does not work as expected.

Priority 4 = Information: A request for information.

Priority 5 = Scheduled Event: A planned activity or scheduled event such as a PM

Compro Customer Assistance Center will assign a call number (The customer will need to record this number for future reference.)

The Customer's call will be forwarded to one of Compro's technical staff for problem resolution.

I need a board repaired, who do I call?

Any time a Customer needs boards repaired or upgraded, call Compro's Repair Administration at: 1-800-936-2673

Please have available the following information to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number:

Customer contact name, address, and phone number where the replacement part is to be shipped.

Part Number.

Serial Number.

Revision Level.

A description of the problem experienced.

Determine the type of support needed by the following guidelines:
1 = Assembly/Repair Update: Boards are updated and tested at the latest engineering revision level. Repair turnaround time is up to thirty (30) days.

2 = Assembly Exchange: Replacement assemblies will be shipped within five (5) days after receipt and acceptance of returned assemblies.

3 = Advanced Assembly Exchange: In emergency situations, an assembly will be shipped to the customer within twenty-four (24) hours of a customer request.

When returning parts to Compro, a RMA number must be identified with each shipment.

Does Compro carry remanufactured boards?

Logistics and material support is critical to the long-term economic and operational success of all your computer products, systems and programs. Compro brings across-the-board superiority to this essential service whether your requirements include product, service, commodity, ComproDIRECT material, documentation or bid provisioning support.

Compro is a supplier of Remanufactured Material support items such as CPUs, memory, controller peripherals, communication controllers, power supplies, etc.

This will be supplied in accordance with the following guidelines:
Standard Warranty

Electrically Functional

Functionally equivalent to current revision level

Documentation will be supplied

Mechanical assemblies within standard guidelines

Operational at present Operational System Software

Meets all current regulation agency requirements when necessary

For sales, service, quotations or information fax your request to (321) 956-9939.

Do you offer any training programs?

Compro offers training courses to fit all our customer's needs. If you have questions or would like to request a schedule of upcoming courses, call 321-727-2211 or email us at info@Compro.com. Our certified instructors collectively represent hundreds of man-years of experience in: Real-Time Unix ®, Compro and Third-Party Products.

Flexibility is key to ensuring that you receive the right training package for your application. Compro provides customized classes to meet your requirements. Classes are offered in Melbourne, Florida, or at your site.

I don't have a service contract but I need assistance. Can someone at Compro help me?

For services requested which are not covered by maintenance contracts, Standard Per Call service charges will apply. Call 1-800-936-2673. See necessary information needed when calling under question "If I need service on a product, what number do I call?"

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