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Compro is a supplier of Non-Developmental Items (NDI) and Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) computer and software equipment to the United States Government. Compro supports most of the required DoD elements of logistics support in an integrated effort and is ready to support new DoD directives and policies.

The DoD has methodically updated its concepts on systems/equipment supportability and established new requirements and directives pertaining to life cycle support. These directives are increasingly important to Compro in meeting the new and more complex logistics requirements.
DoD Acquisition and Management of Integrated Logistic Support for Systems and Equipment, is an important contractual directive. It applies to all DoD components and all major systems acquisitions. Compro has in place Logistics Support Programs to comply with the following excerpts from the directive:

• "Acquisition programs shall include an ILS program that begins at program initiation and continues for the life of the system. The primary objective of the ILS program shall be to achieve system readiness objectives at an affordable life cycle cost."
• "Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) shall be used throughout the acquisition cycle to assess and alter system design and to establish updated support element requirements. LSA documentation shall be maintained to serve as the definitive source of data for ILS resource requirements determination."

Compro reviews all contractual commitments for logistics requirements to improve reliability; maintainability and increased component interchangeability, thus decreasing support costs. Compro is able to provide life cycle support to meet the new DoD ILS/LSA requirements.

Other new logistics concepts and the use of computer technology are being used in the "support world". Compro is placing emphasis on "near-paperless" computer-aided support programs and applying new and emerging computer technology to improve the logistics support process. Compro is working to develop a Computer Aided Logistic Support (CALS) System to provide a complete LSA/ILS support system and meet the objectives and recommendations which are currently being implemented. The following excerpts from a task force summary provide an insight to LSA in the future of Compro ILS Programs and DoD system acquisition:

"LSA and the Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR) provide a model for the development of a CALS standard defining data elements. The LSA tasks to be accomplished during weapon systems acquisition. LSA documentation records the results of performing those tasks. Data produced as a part of the LSA documentation are delivered by the performing activity in accordance with data element definitions, data item descriptions and LSAR requirement descriptions. An evolutionary approach to development of this CALS standard, beginning with the foundation laid by MIL-STD-1388, will facilitate progressive application to ongoing programs and permit early application to new weapon systems acquisitions."

In summary, Compro is maintaining and increasing its emphasis on logistics support. Support capabilities are being designed into the initial equipment concept and documented during the product's life cycle. The Logistics Support Analysis programs and Integrated Logistic Support packages will aid Compro in support and maintenance of all future Integrated Logistics Support requirements.


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