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Guaranteed Long-Term Support (GLTS)

Guaranteed Long-Term Support (GLTS)

Availability of the right parts can mean the success or failure of any program. Because commercial "commodity" computing products (i.e., COTS) provide many technological benefits, but are subject to rapidly changing specifications and functions. Typical government programs, with decade-long lifecycles and upgrade/spares purchases distributed over several years, may find it impossible to obtain products matching original configuration specifications. This complicates configuration management, creates software incompatibilities, and may make repairs impossible. TO offset these issues Compro created a Guaranteed Long-Term Support



As an additional layered service to TOP coverage, Compro also provides Guaranteed Long-Term Support (GLTS) for up to ten years. To qualify, simply pre-pay a TOP-enhanced maintenance program for a period of three to ten years, and Compro will procure and warehouse spare parts based upon engineering analysis or available manufacturer MTBF statistics. This assures parts availability well into typical program life cycles.

GLTS works in conjunction with TOP, meaning that any TOP-qualified end-of-life replacements will also be procured and warehoused for the duration of the GLTS period.



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