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Technology Obsolescence Protection (TOP)

Commercial "commodity" computing products (i.e., COTS) provide many technological benefits, but rapidly change specifications. Typical government programs, with decade-long lifecycles and upgrade/spares purchases distributed over several years, may find it impossible to obtain products matching original configuration specifications. This complicates configuration management, creates software incompatibilities, and may make repairs impossible.



Compro understands this challenge, and has created the Technology Obsolescence Protection (TOP) program. TOP guarantees that all major system subassemblies will remain supportable as long as the systems are supported under a TOP-enhanced maintenance contract with Compro.

How TOP works:

  1. Systems are purchased from Compro and placed under a TOP-enhanced maintenance contract with Compro.
  2. When any major system assembly is designated “end-of-life? by the original equipment manufacturer, and spare parts are in demonstrably short supply, Compro will identify a freely interchangeable and readily available (i.e., “fungible?) replacement.
  3. Compro will deliver and install the upgraded replacement system assembly upon a mutually agreeable schedule.
  4. Compro will also provide integration services and support when necessary to assure compatibility with the customer’s application and existing 3 rd party I/O.

Compro will be the final designator of assembly obsolescence. TOP may be added to any standard Compro remote or on-site maintenance plan. TOP is available only with contiguous service, and any service lapse may invalidate TOP availability.



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