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Standard Hardware Support (SHS)



Standard Hardware Support (SHS) is designed to meet the needs of high demand users. It provides all labor, material, and information to secure maximum effectiveness of Compro systems.

SHS provides priority access to Compro's Call Management Center (CMC), on-site and remote hardware maintenance support, on-site remedial maintenance within sixteen Principal Period of Maintenance (PPM) hours after determination that such service is required, automatic escalation procedures, parts replacement and any required hardware changes.

CMC is the single point-of-contact for Compro customers requiring technical support. CMC is easily accessed domestically via our toll-free number, 1-800-936-2673 and our direct dial worldwide number, 1-321-727-2211.

Compro's Call Management Center provides the following services for hardware customers:

Compro will provide remote diagnostic tools for all products either through built-in architecture or on SERIES and/or CONCEPT-32 systems through the external Telediagnosis Module (TDM).

Compro will make all adjustments and remedial repairs required to keep the products in normal operating condition during the Principal Period of Maintenance (PPM), 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM local time, Monday through Friday.

Service performed outside the Principal Period of Maintenance will be charged to the customer at the standard published Time and Material.

All equipment covered by SHS will be kept in optimum operating condition, with a 95 percent (95%) uptime availability.





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