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Compro is proud of our Real Time History and Revolutionary Computer Industry Firsts


•Real-time digital computer

•Computer made entirely of integrated circuits

•Computer to use 750 nanosecond core memory

•32-bit minicomputer

•32-bit single-board computer

•Multiprocessor minicomputer

•Native port of UNIX to 32-bit architecture

•ECL-based UNIX(R) super-minicomputer

•Merged BSD and System V UNIX

•NCSC-certified secure UNIX

•Distributed shared memory (REFLECTIVE MEMORY System)

•Parallel UNIX

•Parallel MACH

•Parallel Ada

•Memory-centric architecture

•Kernel threads for System V UNIX

•Development environment for multiprocessor real-time applications

•Massively scaleable enterprise server

•Intelligent data sharing facility for Mainframes, UNIX,  and PC LANs

•Proprietary legacy binary application code, running on open systems


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