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MissionMission Statement

"Deliver to our customers superior service and the highest quality products, thereby achieving market dominance in Real Time, Simulation, Services and associated industries. Provide benefit to customers and our company through an innovative engineering environment that maximizes technology, and demonstrates a commitment to the ongoing development of our products and services."



Compro is known worldwide for is customer-focused leadership in technology, support solutions and innovative "industry firsts."

Prior to Compro's origin, System Engineering Laboratories (SEL) was established in 1961, providing high-performance 32-bit minicomputer systems used in mission-critical, real-time applications. In 1980, Gould Electronics acquired SEL, becoming their Computer Systems Division (Gould CSD). Independently, Encore Computer Corporation was formed in 1983, creating massively scalable systems using open systems, merchant microprocessors and parallel technologies. In 1988 Nippon Mining purchased most Gould assets, while Encore purchased Gould CSD. In 1998 Gores Technology Group acquired Encore Computer Corporation, and renamed it Encore Real Time Computing. Compro began separately in 1985, providing comprehensive multi-vendor logistics and support services (including SEL/Gould/Encore) to computer and flight simulation sectors world-wide. In 2002, Compro purchased Encore Real Time Computing, including its accompanying legacy SEL/Gould resources, technology and expertise.

Today, Compro is an international supplier to flight simulation, data acquisition, transportation and energy markets, including original equipment manufacturers and integrators (Boeing, Lockheed, Thales, EADS, etc.) serving those markets. Compro develops interfaces and integrates commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software demanded by today’s most challenging real time applications.

Compro continues the tradition of long-term product support by offering replacement solutions (e.g., the Legacy Computer Replacement System, or LCRS) that emphasize backward-compatibility coupled with future-proofing. Our Real Time Environment (RTE) is the world's fastest, most deterministic, lowest-latency real time computing solution available. Compro’s Technology Obsolescence Protection (TOP) and Guaranteed Long-Term Support (GLTS) services assure that COTS solutions remain viable throughout decades-long program life cycles.

Corporate Structure

Since its founding in 1985, Compro has grown from a small service company specializing in personal computer products and advanced networking to a world-wide market leader in real time products, simulation, and services. To better serve customers and leverage resources, Compro is organized into three major groups:

The Real Time Products Group provides highly deterministic, low-latency systems and software tools required by the world’s most demanding markets, including aerospace simulation, engineering simulation, development, range systems, telemetry processing, energy, transportation, process control, and interactive multimedia server markets.

The Simulation Solutions Group delivers turn-key flight simulation devices and computer-based trainers. They also provide life cycle upgrades and modifications to military and commercial legacy training systems. Compro entered the training systems market by developing a unique specialty: modifying previously-built simulators. Compro has expanded its capabilities, spanning a full range of services including simulator systems and instrument integration, cockpit overhaul, modernization, refurbishment, and hardware/software upgrades.

Compro’s Comprehensive Services Group offers customer-centric, total-system service and support, delivering programs accommodating individualized computing environments. These services ensure program success at any support-level requirement. Compro continues support for SEL, Gould and Encore SelBUS-based computer systems as the world's only authorized and qualified service provider.


In the world of evolving technologies, success is achieved by companies willing to challenge established boundaries. These are companies employing innovative approaches, surpassing accepted standards of scalability, compatibility, availability, and portability.

Compro has an established set of core competencies that facilitate continuous, expanding innovation. We posses industry-leading skill and experience in real-time, simulation and services. Compro leverages these assets to develop key technologies in associated markets.

Compro provides comprehensive, custom-tailored solutions with advanced system architecture, exhaustive connectivity, high availability, and ease-of-use to meet your current and future requirements. Our technologies set new standards in power, speed, fidelity, and architectural balance. Compro has raised the mission-critical market’s expectation of products and services by meeting today's requirements while surpassing tomorrow's goals.

Environment, Health, and Safety

At Compro, we are vigilant in protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees. As such, we have a clear policy identifying specific goals:

• Comply with all local, state, and federal laws wherever we do business
• Maintain a clean, healthy working environment in which to keep our employees, contractors, and visitors safe on the job
• Be good neighbors in the communities in which we live and work
• Regularly evaluate these goals and incorporate improvements into our processes

Our employees are vital to our success and we are therefore responsible to provide a safe and enjoyable work environment. Compro is confident it has achieved these goals, and is proud of our employee safety record and their commitment to the environment.


Compro is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. As an ISO 9001:1994 registered company, Compro has achieved that goal through a continuous improvement process. The company is raising the bar again by achieving certification to the ISO 9000:2000 standard.

Compro's quality system is currently undergoing comprehensive reassessment, including documented operational procedures from every department, with focus upon customer satisfaction and continual improvement. This process fosters an perpetual improvement culture, resulting in sustained stability, growth, innovation and excellent customer relations.

Career Opportunities

Our work environment is as diverse as our world-wide customer base. From innovative engineering opportunities to call center operators—and virtually everything in between—we select only those with the will to succeed and the desire for growth.

We offer a dynamic environment that:

• Encourages innovation
• Focuses upon new technologies, architectures, and markets
• Offers training opportunities keeping you on the leading edge of technology
• Provides opportunities for excellence in a stimulating environment

If you are ready to accept the challenge of working for a diversified, fast-paced, growth-oriented company, consider Compro.

Please contact us for a list of our current openings, or send us a resume.  If your resume matches our current needs, we will contact you.

Compro Computer Services, Inc.
105 East Drive
Melbourne, FL 32904
(321) 727-2211

Compro is an equal opportunity employer providing career and learning opportunities for all qualified applicants and employees regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability that can be reasonably accommodated, or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, or local law.



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