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Emerald, 30/7/07 Banner Update
Ok, so I've updated the banner alot and it's now much more awesome.

~Ryan 'Emerald' //Tech Admin

Cheese, 30/7/07 Testing 1.2.3
Well I'm just basicly here to see if I can update.
and I can :P
So Join the forums, Get badges and just play some kickass Pokemans!
I've Added somethings and I'll just be working on the site

~Cheese //Head Admin

Emerald, 30/7/07 New Pages
I've updated the site with two new pages:
Tournaments and Gym Leaders.
Stay stuned for more updates soon.

~Ryan 'Emerald' //Tech Admin

Emerald, 29/7/07 Site Launch
Today marks the official launch of the Battle Tower website!
Enjoy the site and have fun challenging people from all over the world!

Thanks to the good people at Drive for the great, almost free web hosting,
Also, within the next week we will become www.btwifi.com!

~Ryan 'Emerald' //Tech Admin