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Projects, Files, Music, and Misc. All for the Sake of Being on the Web for Easy Access

(Note: No Copyrighted Material, any Music is OUTSIDE of the RIAA Umbrella in its Owner’s Custom Music Label)

www.lapfoxtrax.com (This is where most of the music I may upload will come from. Click on the FAQ at the top to be reassured he supports such.)

http://futret.bandcamp.com/ (Another source I may upload music from, another artist outside of the RIAA that supports free share of his music. Mostly for the attraction of more fans.)

Intro Paper (This was just a test)




(All above pictures are for a school project, to be printed out and glued down on to poster board. Don't work yourself into such a tizzy, ACTA fruit loops.)

Mesopotamian Engineering Word Art

Mesopotamia Dates

Just a House

Just a House (Backup)