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     The Imperial Schrade Corp. went bankrupt during it's Centennial year, 2004.  At the end of July that year the last employees were sent home, the factory was locked, and soon after that the company's assets were sold at auction.
     One of the 'assets' was Schrade's intellectual property - the logos, brand names, and product designs.  The intellectual property was bought by Taylor Brands, LLC that has since then been selling Schrade-brand products.  The Taylor-Schrades are all sub-contracted knives, mostly made overseas in China but some by American knifemakers as well.
     Since these knives are not made by nor sold by the Imperial Schrade Corp, most collectors do not consider them to be true "Schrade" knives.  There are no Taylor-Schrades shown on this website.

     But as a silver lining, the Schrade closure created a huge opportunity for buyers, and the number of Schrade collectors has increased.  Retailers sold off Schrade products at incredible closeout prices.  The market was flooded with irregular knives made as the factory workers rushed to assemble miss-matched parts into knives.  The Schrade collection that had been on display at the factory was sold to the public piece-by-piece.  And prototypes, salesmen's samples, and other rarities appeared on the market as the Schrade factory was cleaned out.
     But in the current market environment it's "buyer beware" for the Schrade collector.  In addition to copycat products with the same brand names and designs as original Schrade products, there are ongoing attempts to confuse consumers and perhaps 'trick' collectors into buying Chinese imports.  Browsing an online auction site looking for a genuine Uncle Henry knife made in Ellenville, New York?  Notice all of the fuzzy photographs that don't show knife markings in detail, questionable "Certificates of Authenticity," and perhaps more Anniversary knives than there should be?  It pays to become educated.

     Two excellent resources for fans of Schrade knives are the "" website with the private collections and documents shown there, and the Schrade Knife Collectors sub-forum at
Another website of interest, the old Schrade web pages saved at the "Internet Archive Wayback Machine" that date back to 1998:*/
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*  Many knives were assembed in haste as the factory was closing.  Some were unfinished, some were Limited Edition knives that were never finished, and some were made from mis-matched parts.  These are commonly referred to as "end of days" knives.
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A typical "end of days"* knive.  Marked with the tang stamp, SCHRADE+ / U.S.A. LTD, it was originally intended to be a Ducks Unlimited knife or similar.

These are three Imperial camp knives.  The two on the left are marked with IMPERIAL IRELAND tang stamps and were sold under the Ozark Trails (for Wal Mart) or Imperial brands.  The knife on the right is an official B.S.A. knife that was given to boys for peddling during fund raisers.  The B.S.A. logo on the blade is faint, but the handle emblem is bright.  The tang stamp reads:  IMPERIAL / PROV. R.I. with a vertical U.S.A. 
This is the Simon, a skeletal frame lock design from Schrade.  Stainless steel, made in the U.S.A., model SS1.
A pair of Frontier folders.  Each is marked "IMPERIAL IRELAND."
The Schrade Lake & Walker.  A Zytel-handled frame lock with a "sliding safety switch."
Imperial Tradesman Knives and Tools.  All from Ireland, except the shears that are made in China.
From top to bottom:
     TM7  Small Lockback
     Tradesman Utility Knife
     TM 202
     TM2  Screwdriver Knife
     TM5  Dual Edge Lockback
     TM71  T-Bevel with Scribe
     TMT2  Snip Tool
     TM8  Utility Shears
An Ireland Imperial peanut (not bad for $1.39), and a USA Schrade melon testing knife.
Blade logo and stamp from melon knife:
On top, the SP3 from the Lightweight Series.  Below, the Cliphanger CH7 and nylon 'clipable. strap.
The Apex Line:
     AP12, fixed blade with drop point
     Older AP5 from Ireland
     AP55, from China
     Unknown.  Similar to AP26, but only has two blades and was packaged in a
          Diamond Edge DE552 box.
This is the 70TX X-Timer, featuring "Stainless Blade,  E-Coat Finish / Lasered Logo, and Aircraft aluminum handle."  Made in the USA.
These are the only Uncle Henry knives in the collection.  Both knives have phony plati-stag (officially it's called "Staglon") handles.  On the left is the UH153 Golden Spike with brass guard and butt, carbon steel blade, and the SCHRADE SUPER-SHARP etch.  On the right is the 5UH, which has nickel-silver bolsters, Uncle Henry Escutcheon, and a stainless steel blade.
These are the Schrade Pro Hunters, which feature brass bolsters and pings, stainless steel, and drop-point blades.  The smaller knife is the PH2, which is handled in genuine stag.  The larger knife is the PH1 with synthetic handles. 
This is an Ulster 55 with jigged Delrin (aka "plastic") handles, a plain Escutcheon, nickel-silver bolsters, and three blades.  It was purchased from the Schrade Factory Collection as part of a set to which it didn't belong.

Examples of Schrade packaging
Schrade Lake & Walker box
Schrade X-Timer 70TX box
Diamond Edge box
Top and bottom of Schrade PH2ES box
Imperial Camp Knife card
Imperial Ozark Trails card
Schrade Lightweight SP3 card
Imperial Tradesman TM4 card
Top and bottom of 153UH box
This made in China AP55 shows the last packaging style from Schrade.  It is very similar to the Taylor-Schrade packaging, but is easily distinguished by the Imperial Schrade Corp. and address on the backside.
Schrade documents for download or viewing, in .pdf format
Schrade Factory Final Production Run Certificate of Authenticity, included with many knives purchased from Smoky Mountain Knife Works.  File.

Copyright1991 product insert note.  File.

Copyright 2002 product insert note.  File.

Alternate Copyright 2002 product insert note.  File.

Instruction sheet for Schrade Lake & Walker.  File.