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FileManager is modeled after a remote file server and Windows Explorer; allowing you to easily upload, delete, or download thousands of files at a time.

With an intuitive interface and seamless integration of your local and cloud storage, FileManager allows you to access, share, sync, collaborate and publish files online with unprecedented ease and reliability.

Highlighted Features

    File Versioning

  • Simply select a files "history" and rollback or download the version you want to recover
  • Multi-Folder Sync

  • Select any folder on your DriveHQ or local directory then specify the folder you want to sync.
  • Set a schedule for each sync task you create
  • Data Loss Prevention

  • FileManagers Recycle Bin and Sync_Cache folders will guard against mistakes within sync folders or accidental deletions for up to 2 weeks.
  • Client-Side Encryption

  • Files are encrypted locally before they are uploaded to DriveHQ; files remain encrypted on DriveHQ server.
  • Multi-Thread Upload/Download

  • Download small and large files simultaneously with our new multi-threading technology.
  • All the essential functions: create, delete, rename, copy, cut, paste etc.
  • Unlimited batch uploading with multi-threading
  • Resume broken downloads/uploads from the point of interruption
  • Easy sharing folders to non-member users by using a share notification email
  • Share different folders to any users / groups with various permissions
  • Directly open, edit and save remote files by saving the opened file directly
  • Publish files and folders
  • Web Publishing: just drag site files to the wwwhome folder
  • Advanced caching that brings performance on par with local storage
  • Offline access
  • International language support with Unicode;
  • Automatically compress data for faster upload / download;
  • Sync folders among multiple devices and users; real-time and scheduled synchronization
  • one-way or two-way synchronization; sync folders with file / folder name filters
  • No file size limit
  • Support bandwidth throttling to avoid computer overuse
  • Support 64-bit versions of Windows; support Windows 7, Win 8 and Win 2008 / 2012 server.

Cloud-to-cloud Backup

Cloud-to-cloud backup is a data protection feature designed for businesses that have replaced their in-house solution with DriveHQ. Cloud-to-cloud backup provides the same features and security as our online backup software, but gives you the ability to control tasks in the cloud with no local server.

New C2C Backup Task

Online Backup (Local-to-cloud)

DriveHQ Online Backup software delivers secure, reliable, and cost-effective backup services to users and businesses that need absolute security. Because this is bundled with our standard cloud service, you will not only be saving money, but also consolidate your online services

Highlighted Features

    Complete Account Backup

  • Backup every file in your account every day to ensure absolute data security.
  • Scheduled Tasks

  • Choose between daily, weekly, real-time or incremental backup.
  • Selective Backup

  • Backup only the files or folders you want
  • Setup multiple tasks on multiple devices with the same account
  • Data Encryption

  • Files can be encrypted locally before uploaded to DriveHQ. Files will not be accessible without this key
  • Can backup open (or locked) files, incl. Microsoft Outlook PST files, Quickbooks databases, etc
  • Automatically compresses data for faster upload / download;
  • Can backup files larger than 10GB
  • Support status log / error log; automatically send backup status notification
  • New 64-bit version client software optimized for 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems
  • Can create multiple backup tasks to backup different source folders
  • Set different schedules for different folders; group different source folders into different backup tasks
  • Can keep multiple file versions, can restore an old version;
  • Can migrate backup tasks from one PC to another PC;
  • Seamless integration with cloud storage service and group account service
  • Support file / folder name filters to be excluded from the backup source list
  • Support Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows 2008 server and Windows 2012 server
  • Support unicode; can work on any language operating systems.

WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool

Drive mapping is the most straight-forward way of accessing cloud storage. The Drive Mapping Tool makes it extremely easy for individuals and organiztions to map cloud drives and migrate to Cloud-based File Server.

Highlighted Features

    Mapping a Cloud Drive Is Never Easier

  • Just install the tool on your PC or Mac and log in, you will be able to map a cloud drive in one click.
  • Group Drive Mapping

  • A group admin can pre-configure the drives to map for all sub-users or sub-groups.
  • Unmatched Performance and Reliability

  • This tool optimizes the performance & reliability of WebDAV cloud drive through caching and tuning, making it faster and more reliable than any other WebDAV cloud drives.
  • Seamless Cloud File Server Migration

  • Once mapped, employees will experience no difference from how they access local file servers. With the optional Active Directory Integration / Single-Sign-On service, they can log on to the cloud drive with their AD account email and password.
  • Scalability

  • As it does not use folder synchronization, it will not slow down your network even if you have hundreds or thousands of computers, which is not possible with a folder sync-based cloud storage solution.
  • Security

  • Supports HTTPS/SSL, data communication between the server and the client is encrypted; supports fine-granular access control; automatic virus scanning is an optional service.
  • File Locking

  • Multiple users can work on the same folder / file. When a file is being edited, it is locked and other users can only view it.
  • Drive Mapping Tool is not Required

  • You can map a cloud drive directly with a secure WebDAV URL on any platform. The Drive Mapping Tool is recommended as it offers a lot more features.


The first software that can manage your emails and contacts like files; drag & drop or automatically backup any email client at your own schedule. You can also migrate your emails and address book from one computer to another computer.

Highlighted Features

    Selective Restore

  • Email Manager allows you to restore emails and contacts one-by-one
  • Set Backups for Emails and Contacts

  • You can set real-time or scheduled backup tasks to automatically backup your emails & address book even when Outlook is running!
  • Multi-PC Integration

  • Backing up and restoring Microsoft Outlook Account Settings and Email Rules allows you to migrate your email account settings from one PC to another.
  • Central Webmail Tool

  • Access your account email backup tasks and contacts from anywhere using DriveHQ Webmail tool

Active Directory Integration

For a large organization that needs to move parts of their IT system to the cloud, DriveHQ ADI Agent Service can make the process painless. Just install our AD Agent Service on the domain server and logon as your admin account; the agent service will integrate the logon process.

About ADI

System administrators can easily batch import users from the Active Directory database into DriveHQ Cloud IT system. They can also configure whether a user account should support SSO. The SSO feature can be further customized to support other form of authentication

Organizations with multiple locations, several hundred+ employees and/or more than 1,000 shared folders shoud seriously consider ordering our Active Directory Solution. The IT department can fully control all computers, users and groups from the centrel AD server.

Email to get your organization started with Active Directory Integration

FTP Service

DriveHQ is one of the largest FTP hosting service providers. Our FTP Server is a full-feature FTP Server that can be used with any FTP client on any OS platform (incl. Mac, Linux and mobile). Moreover, it is integrated with our cloud IT service, offering tons of high-end features that make it far better than your in-house FTP server:

  • Create FTP accounts, manage storage space and user roles from a web browser;
  • Access files with regular FTP, web browser, DriveHQ FileManager and Windows Explorer;
  • Share files or folders and set different access permissions;
  • Automatic folder synchronization among multiple users and PCs;
  • SSL and Encrypted folder for ultimate security and privacy.
  • Integrated with DriveHQ remote file server and web hosting service.
  • Designed to be extremely secure and reliable, up to 99.99% availability.
  • Custom domain FTP server and customized website logo

No software installation is required for DriveHQ FTP. You can use any web browsers or any FTP client software. Windows Explorer can also be used as an FTP client. Just enter:

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