Features - WebDAV Drive

WebDAV Drive Mapping / Cloud File Server

DriveHQ's WebDAV service can map cloud storage as a "local" drive. It is the easiest way of accessing cloud files. With over 10 years of R&D, DriveHQ's cloud drive is more efficient and reliable than any other regular WebDAV drives. Our Cloud File Server solution can meet the needs of the largest organizations in the world.

  • Convenience

    Take away the learning curve by allowing your users to access Cloud files as if they are on a local hard drive.

  • Group Sharing & Collaboration

    You can share folders to sub-users, subgroups, contact groups, standalone DriveHQ members or even non-DriveHQ users. Different users can be set with different permissions. All files are stored in the same virtual file server that can be accessed from anywhere. No folder synchronization is required.

  • Direct Saving & Attaching

    Mapping a drive will allow you to directly edit & save Cloud files, attach files to an Outlook email, or save an attachment to the cloud drive.

  • Cross Platform

    WebDAV is a standard protocol that works on PC, Mac, Linux and some mobile devices. Use our WebDAV manual for more details on how to connect.

  • File Versioning and Locking

    File Locking will prevent users from editing a file that is being worked on by another user. File locking is supported in WebDAV Drive Mapping and DriveHQ FileManager. File Versioning is supported across all DriveHQ services.

  • Security

    WebDAV supports HTTPS/SSL; data communication between the server and client is encrypted.