Mobile Access

DriveHQ's cloud IT service is available on most mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. With our mobile applications, you can manage your files on the go.

Mobile Details

  • Access and Sharing

    DriveHQ mobile applications give you complete control to create, add, share, publish, and collaborate on content.

  • Mobile Notifications

    Enable push notifications so that you are notified of any changes or updates on your shared/collaborated content

  • Mobile Sync

    Setup selective synchronization tasks to make conent available when you are offline. Create an immediate backup for your mobile photos and videos

  • Mobile FTP

    FTP hosting services are extremely popular for transferring larger amounts of data. You can use our FTP service with almost any operating system, computers, or mobile devices.

  • Mobile WebDAV

    Like FTP, WebDAV is widely used and already supported on most operating systems. With WebDAV, remote storage can be mapped as a local drive on mobile devices. If your mobile device does not already support WebDAV, you can use a third party WebDAV application

  • Mobile Email Service

    DriveHQ supports all standard email protocols so you can setup your account on your default email client You can keep all your email folders on DriveHQ by using IMAP4 and synchronizing the email folders with your local device.