Features - Email Hosting

Business Email Hosting & Outlook Backup Service

DriveHQ supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4. Setup the service instantly to create and manage multiple email addresses and aliases. Replace your in-house email server while maintaining your custom domain with our webmail hosting solution.

  • Send and receive large attachments; share large files using FileManager .
  • Customize your email alias(es), auto-reply and auto-forward settings, your mailing list, online address book, availability status (free/busy), and even your own website logo.
  • Create/Manage multiple email accounts through the web interface

Email Hosting Details

  • Instant Email Access

    Once you are a true DriveHQ member, you will have the option to choose a hosted email addres that will look like this :username@drivehq.com. From here, it is as simple as changing the default SMTP/POP3 port settings, which are both mail.drivehq.om. For more information on this subject, please visit our support page

  • Group Email Service

    DriveHQ's email service is fully integrated with our Group Account feature, meaning you will have all of the flexibility that comes with the Group Account feature when managing your users' email accounts.

  • Custom Email Domain

    To set up a custom email domain, you must first purchase a domain from a domain registrar. Once you have completed this, using the registrar's web interface, add a DNS MX record. The MX record should point to DriveHQ's email server: Once you have completed registering your domain, please click here to setup your email domain on DriveHQ.

  • Outlook Email Backup

    For most files, you can use our Online Backup software; but for backing up MS Outlook emails, you can use DriveHQ EmailManager software. It can automatically backup your emails and contacts. Most other backup software can only back up Outlook PST files as a single file. Backup and restore will take a long time. EmailManager can incrementally backup/restore emails one by one. It is much more efficient and reliable.