Active Directory Integration Agent (SSO) Screenshots

Active Directory Integration Agent (SSO) main screen
  • Displays active directory tree / forest.
  • Displays Active Directory and/or DriveHQ group account user list.
  • Sort, search, import and manage users.
Import Active Directory Users
  • Import one or more AD users into your DriveHQ group account.
  • Set the imported users' max space and download bytes.
Configure Active Directory Domain Admin Account.
  • Configure your AD domain admin account.
Account Settings
  • Set the max space and download bytes for new users.
  • Set whether to allow DriveHQ to cache your AD credentials for offline logon.
  • Set whether to automatically create sub-accounts for new AD users.
SSO logon with AD email and password
  • Log on from Web browser with your AD email account and password.
  • Log on other DriveHQ software / app with your AD email account and password.