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MADONNA is back Nov. 15 with Confessions on a Dance Floor, her first album of new material since her American Life CD hit in 2003, and viewers can get a preview of the Material Mom on the road with her kids in her new documentary, "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret."

Airing Friday, October 21 on MTV, "Secret" follows the performer onstage and off during her recent Re-Invention Tour. In the years since her first, highly successful documentary, "Truth or Dare," viewers get to see how Madonna's music -- and how she, as a person -- have evolved stylistically and spiritually. The film includes all the highs and lows of life on the road, from dancer auditions and rehearsals to Madonna's time spent with the people who inspire her work and feed her soul: her family and friends, artists, hubby GUY RITCHIE and children LOURDES and ROCCO.

There's extensive footage of the singer in concert belting out her biggest hits. "I wish I could live with this kind of mindset all the time," says Madonna at one point during the film. "I love it. I love the energy of it and I love the idea that we're creating something together, that there's a unity."

The pop icon also reveals herself to be a "disciplinarian" with her kids -- she has banned them from watching TV, eating ice cream and reading magazines. She also said that she teaches her kids to be responsible -- after Lourdes left her clothing on the floor: "She wears the same outfit every day to school until she learns her lesson."

Madonna's very first live appearance in support of the new disc is scheduled for Monday's "Total Request Live" on MTV, offering fans a first-listen to her hotly anticipated single "Hung Up." It will be also be her first promotional appearance since she injured herself in a horseback-riding accident around her birthday in August.

10/18/2005 9:26:29 AM

  • cindy0412
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Subject: Re: Madonna
No one like Madonna? No one like her songs? Are you interested in her ?

10/19/2005 11:33:06 PM

  • edith
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Subject: Re: Madonna
she is a good singer ,i think .her voice is beautiful ,i especially like one of her songs :don't cry for me Argentina.but i am not familiar with the person herself .

11/30/2005 6:05:12 AM

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