Account and Billing

Create a New DriveHQ Account

DriveHQ offers easy one-step registration. Click "Sign Up" on the home page, agree to the "Membership Agreement" and proceed to enter your username, password, email address and optionally more user info. Your new account will be created instantly and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. You can click on the activation link in the email to activate your account. If you don't receive the activation email in 5 minutes, please make sure to check your junk / bulk email folder as emails might be filtered. If you still cannot receive it, please try a different email address. You must be able to receive DriveHQ emails to activate your account.

There are mainly 3 types of user accounts on DriveHQ:

  • Free Account :
  • Any user can sign up a Free Account with a valid email address, and the service is free.

  • True Account : (It is also FREE!)
  • If your account is registered with a real business email address, then the account type will be "True Account". The main difference between a Free and a True account is "Free members cannot publish files, folders or websites", i.e. Free Members cannot create static URL links to files/folders.

    To become a "True Member", you must use a real company domain (including .edu, .gov and .org) email address. Free email addresses or ISP email addresses such as gmail, Comcast and AT&T email addresses are not qualified. If you don't have a real business email address, you can order a subscription.

  • Paid Account :
  • You can become a paid member to enjoy our "premium" service. Just log on to your account on website, go to My Account --> Subscribe . A Paid Account has all the benefits of a True Account, plus:

    • - More features with fewer restrictions;
    • - Better customer support;
    • - Host custom domain websites, FTP servers and email accounts;
    • - More storage space and monthly download bytes;

    In general, a Non-Paid account is only suitable for personal and casual use; while a paid account is suitable for professional and business purposes.

  • Group Account :
  • The Group Account feature is extremely useful for businesses. It also has 3 types: Free Group Account, True Group Account and Paid Group Account. DriveHQ offers one free sub-user license. You can test the feature without paying for the service. To upgrade, log on to, go to My Account, then go to Group Account. If you need more sub-users, you can order sub-user licenses online. DriveHQ's user license is extremely low priced at $6/user/year, which is 20-30 times lower than other enterprise cloud services!

    • Add / create / edit / delete / disable sub-users;
    • Allocate storage and download bytes quotas for sub-users;
    • Create folders in the main account and share them to different users/sub-groups with various permissions;
    • Change sub-user usernames, passwords, email addresses or log on as a sub-user.

Difference between three types of accounts


Free account

True account

Paid account





File Sharing
















Storage space

Limited, 1GB

Limited, 1GB

Dependent on your subscription.


Limited per month.

Limited per month.

Dependent on your subscription.

Service Charge

Free, sign up with a valid email.

Free, sign up with a real company email.

As low as $1.99/month

Suitable for

Personal use

Personal use

Personal and business use

Managing Your Account

You can easily manage your account on Log on to DriveHQ and hover the mouse on top of your username, then select Account Details. From there, you can: view and update your account profile; view your account balance; view your account transaction history; Subscribe to our paid service and become a "Paid User", or cancel subscription online by clicking on "Current Subscription" from the Subscribe page.

View and Update Account Details

Log on to and click on "My Account". This page displays your account profile info.

How to change your account profile info?

You can update your profile at any time. Please note, your username cannot be updated directly. If you are a paid user, we can help you update it. Your email address must be real and unique and must be able to receive DriveHQ activation email.

Similar to new user registration, changing your email address requires a verification process. After you've changed your email, click on Submit. Then the system will send a verification email to your email address registered with DriveHQ. Please click on the link to confirm the changes.

How to change my account password?

Click the link "change my password" to change your DriveHQ password and the change Password page will appear in the Display Area.

You should select a password that will be easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. It is a good idea to use a combination of letters and numbers when choosing your password. When you have finished entering all required info, click on the save button to save your changes. A confirmation that your password has been updated will appear in the Display Area.

Remember that your password is case sensitive. Double-check to make sure that you do not have "Caps Lock" turned on before entering your password unless you want your password to be capitalized.

Account Balance

You can check your total number of files, total storage usage, free storage space, account cash balance, etc. from the "Account Balance" page. Just click on the "Account Balance" link from the "My Account" page. In this page, you will see:

  • Member Since: your register date which DriveHQ uses as the billing date.

  • Total Logon Times: self is the time you logon to your account; visitor is the time your share be accessed.

  • Cash Balance: money deposited in to your account. It can be used for all DriveHQ services. Click here for more info.

  • Service Coupon Balance: DriveHQ uses your sign-up date as the monthly billing date. If the first billing month service period is less than one month, it will charge you 1 full month's service fee and credit the over-payment to your Service Coupon Balance. Your next monthly service charge will be automatically paid on your monthly billing date from your Service Coupon Balance first and your cash balance next.

  • My Total Points: When a member you referred purchases DriveHQ services or software products, the information is recorded in the transaction history; At the member's monthly statement closing date, the sum of the purchase amount is calculated. Your account will earn referral points based on the commission rate. If your commission rate is 20%, then you will earn 20 points for every $1 of the referral sales amount. 100 points can be redeemed to $1 of your Account Cash Balance, which can be used to pay for DriveHQ services or products. You can request for cash payment when your new commission has reached $20.

If you are a vendor or a content provider, and you have generated some sales revenue on, you can check the balance and withdraw money from this account. You might also generate commission through our referral program. A list of paid account you referred is displayed in this page as well.

Update Secure Password: Secure password is used to double protect your account. The default is your account password. You can click on the link to change it.

Refresh Account Balance: Refresh your account balance after your make changes.

Group Account

Group Accounts are optimized for businesses and organizations. You first create a Group Owner (and Administrator) account, then you can create group member accounts. The group administrator can assign storage space and monthly download bytes to group members.

The Group Administrator can also disable a group member or delete it from the group. Group members can easily share folders to all group members using the Share-to-group feature.

If you are not already a group account, you can upgrade to it for free. Click on "My Account"->"Group Account " , you will see the "Upgrade to Group Account" page. Click "Upgrade to Group Account". Read the Terms of Service and click on Upgrade. Your account will be upgraded to a Group Account and you can manage your group immediately.

On the Group Admin page, click on Create Subuser to create your group member, shown as below:

You can assign any space and max download bytes from your account storage to the sub user. Please input all required dialog boxes above. Once you finished, Click on Submit , the system will create the group member. Please note, by default DriveHQ offers one free sub-user license. If you need to add more group members, you should order group user licenses.

After you successful create a member, you will see the edit member page. You can manage the options of the group, for example: add existing user, create ueser, disable/enable, delete, logon as, allocate storage, etc.



You can deposit money into your account from this page. Please read our Terms and Agreements before making any deposits or withdrawals from your account. In general, your "account cash balance" can only be used to purchase DriveHQ services or transfer to another DriveHQ Member. Special arrangement can be set for professional members or small business accounts. You have 3 ways to deposit or prepay:

  • Pay by PayPal
  • Pay by credit card
  • Transfer funds from another DriveHQ member


You can transfer funds to other members free of charge. Click on "Transfer" link from " Account Balance" page, shown as bellow:


DriveHQ's free service only includes 1GB of storage space. After all, DriveHQ is mainly an enterprise cloud service provider. Our selling point is not free storage space, but rather advanced enterprise features and the most efficient and reliable Cloud Drive Mapping service. If you need more storage space, or if you host large files for many users to download, then you need to order a storage subscription. The price starts at only $1.99/month with 2GB storage space and lots of high-end features.

Order a subscription

You can easily order a subscription by logging on to your DriveHQ account and selecting "My Account" --> "Subscribe" (or hover the mouse on top of your username and click Upgrade).

You can order multiple subscriptions. If you have ordered a 100GB plan and if you need additional 5GB, then you can simply order a new subscription of 5GB or 10GB. Ordering a new subscription will not cancel your previous subscriptions.

To upgrade your subscription plan, you just need to order a new plan and then cancel your previous plan(s). Your files and emails are associated with your account, but not with a subscription. As long as you have enough storage space, canceling a subscription will not affect your files.

Subscription service plans

A few current subscription plans are:

1 GB (+ 1GB Free) Premium Service 4GB $ 1.99 $ 19.99
5 GB (+ 1GB Free) Premium Service 20GB $ 6.99 $ 69.99
21 GB + 6 Users 80GB $ 22 $ 220
101 GB + 21 Users 400GB $ 69 $ 690
1 TB + 101 Users 1.5 TB $ 200 $ 2000
Download Bandwidth Plan 1 TB downloads/month $ 79 $ 790
Group Account 5-user licenses - $ 2.99 $ 29.99

DriveHQ can offer unlimited storage space and download bandwidth.

DriveHQ can offer unlimited storage space. If you need a lot more storage, please contact DriveHQ Sales. We are very happy to work out a deal for you. You can also order a DriveHQ yearly plan. When you order a yearly plan, you receive 12 months of DriveHQ service for the price of 10 months.

Cancel a subscription

You can easily cancel a subscription online at any time. Before canceling a subscription, please pay off your remaining balance first, then delete your files and sub-users. You can then go to the Subscribe page and click Current Subscription. Click on an order item ID, then click cancel to cancel a subscription. Please note DriveHQ has a no-refund policy. If you ordered an annual service, we can offer you a service credit which can be used for other DriveHQ services and CameraFTP Cloud Surveilland and Recording services.

Transaction History

Click on "Transaction History" in "My Account" page, you will have access to the transaction history, sales history, order history and statement list. If you are a regular free user and have neither purchased anything nor accessed any fee-based contents, you will have nothing to show in this section. If you purchased anything, then you can see your order history.


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