DriveHQ SMTP/POP3 Email Hosting

DriveHQ Email Hosting service is unlike any other free email services. We only offer paid email service. It is a real SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 email service compatible with all email client software, including Outlook and Outlook Express. You can host multiple email accounts on DriveHQ for business purposes.

When you register a new account on and order any subscription plan, you automatically get an email account: You can create more email accounts by upgrading to Group Account. Company private domain email addresses are also supported. The maximum mailbox size is combined with your file storage size. Also, your email service is integrated with DriveHQ's cloud storage service, so you can easily attach cloud files or save email attachments to your DriveHQ folder.

DriveHQ Email Service is better than any free email services

  • You can access your emails online using the webmail interface from anywhere.
  • You can acecss your emails using any email client software, incl. Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • You can access your emails offline! (Webmail won't work if you are offline.)
  • You can access your emails from different computers using Outlook or Outlook Express.
  • You can create multiple email accounts.

DriveHQ can host your company private domain emails for a lot cheaper than Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes! Plus, it is reliable and hassle free!

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