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DriveHQ group account

Group Accounts are optimized for organizations and small businesses. You first create a Group Owner (and Administrator) account, then you can create and add more group member accounts. The group administrator can assign the maximum storage space and monthly download bytes to group members. The Administrator can also disable a group member or delete it from the group. Group members can easily share folders to all group members using the Share-to-group feature.

To create your group, click on "My Account"->"Group Account " , you will see the "Upgrade to Group Account" page, click on "Upgrade to Group Account" . Read over the Terms of Service and click on Upgrade. Your account is seccussfull upgraded to Group Account and you can admin your group immediately.

Group Account Administration

You have the ability to remove any added sub email accounts to your main account. The number of email accounts you have is controlled by your main account.

In the admin group page, click on Create Sub User to create your group member, shown as below:

You can assign any space and max download bytes from your self storage to the sub user. Please input all required dialog boxes above. Once you finished, Click on Submit , the system will create the group member. Please note, by default DriveHQ provides adding one member to your group. If you need to add more group members, you should order our services.

After you successful create a member, you will see the edit member page. You can manage the options of the group, for example: add existing user, create ueser, disable/enable, delete, logon as, allocate storage, etc.

Order group user licenses

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